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Take the guesswork out of IPAC Compliance.


This course will allow a dental office to visually participate in a simple IPAC mock audit.  Understanding the one-way workflow in the reprocessing area of a dental office is key to IPAC compliance.  Each station of the one-way workflow must have its own designation and only host products and supplies used for the task of that specific station.  In a busy day to day operation of a dental practice it must be ensured that there is no cross contamination from one station to the next. 

Join maxill in an IPAC walk through mock setting for the reprocessing area, operatory and reception area.  For some interactive participation this course includes the staging of some commonly seen ‘does and don’ts” in IPAC.  

The maxill IPAC In A Box video is available independently as a standalone CE or as part of our comprehensive IPAC In A Box program. Visit maxill.com/ipac to learn more about the full maxill IPAC in a box program.

What you will learn in this Course

  1. Applying the knowledge from a visual IPAC mock audit to an actual practice setting
  2. Comprehension of the one-way workflow in the reprocessing area of a dental practice
  3. Review of the purpose of each station in the one-way workflow
  4. State what supplies and equipment belongs and does not belong in each station of the one-way workflow
  5. Focus on the prevention of cross-contamination from the non-sterile area to sterile area’s of the reprocessing area
  6. Identifying the IPAC issues that present in the operatory
  7. Storage of sterilized instruments in an operatory and/or reprocessing area
  8. Reviewing the maintenance of DUWL: clean, disinfect and test
  9. Reviewing the maintenance of Suction Lines: clean with a turbulent vesicle
  10. Specifying the role and purpose of environmental cleaning in the dental office
  11. Having the ability to perform a dental office basic mock audit
  12. Understanding the need to participate in a baseline as well as ongoing IPAC assessments as part of a dental offices IPAC Program

This is a Professionally Certified course: PACE Code is 010.

This course requires 1.0 Training Units per Trainee.