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Prevention of Workplace Violence and Harassment
Prince Edward Island

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Regardless of where you live in Canada, most provinces have occupational health & safety legislation with “general duty” requirements for your employer to protect your health & safety in the workplace, and this includes protecting you from workplace violence.  In addition, Prince Edward Island recognizes violence as an occupational hazard and enforces legislation regarding violence in the workplace.

The Occupational Health and Safety Act defines the law regarding the responsibilities of employers and workers to ensure health & safety in the workplace.  Compliance of each workplace party to perform their specific responsibilities supports an "internal responsibility system" and is required to maintain a safe work environment.  Everyone in the workplace must work together to keep the workplace safe.

The General Regulations under the Occupational Health & Safety Act set out what Prince Edward Island workplaces must do in order to provide a workplace free from violence.

While there are no specific regulations under the Occupational Health & Safety Act regarding harassment in the workplace, the Prince Edward Island Human Rights Act provides protection against harassment on several prohibited grounds of discrimination.  Additionally protection may be provided under the employer’s employment policy. Legislation relating to sexual harassment is provided under The Employment Standards Act.

Training raises awareness about violence and harassment in the workplace.  Workplace violence can be prevented or averted if employees are aware of the warning signs that may lead to violence.  By being educated about workplace policies and knowing what to do in event of violence or harassment, you can help prevent harm to workers.  By knowing what behavior is acceptable and what is not, employees can do their part in preventing violence and harassment and help maintain a respectful workplace.

This course deals with general information such as the law, how to recognize warning signs, and respond to violence and harassment in the workplace.  In addition, employers must provide training that addresses the contents of their specific workplace violence and harassment policies & programs.

Prevention of Violence and Harassment in the Workplace may be taken in the comfort of your own home or on the workplace computer system.  There are 2 units and depending on your pace, it takes approximately 45 min to complete. You may progress through the online course at your own pace and may stop & start at any time. You are required to achieve a grade of 75% or higher in order to pass, and are allowed 2 attempts at the test.  A certificate of completion (and/or wallet card) may be printed at successful completion of the Prevention of Violence and Harassment in the Workplace test.

What you will learn in this Course

  1. The law and why prevention of violence and harassment training is required.
  2. Definitions of workplace violence and harassment
  3. Employer and worker responsibilities regarding workplace violence and harassment
  4. Workplace violence policy and procedures
  5. Sources of workplace violence and how risk is identified
  6. How to recognize warning signs of violence
  7. Prevention measures to control identified risks
  8. How to get help
  9. Responding to violence and harassment in the workplace
  10. Incident reporting and investigations
  11. Dealing with incidents, complaints and threats of workplace violence and harassment

This course requires 1.0 Training Units per Trainee.